At my local stationers I bought a size 1 Jiffy bag. The Jiffy bag is made from heavy duty brown paper and has a high quality sealing system. I'm trying hard to cut down on stationery items at the moment and managed to stop myself buying some more pens. The stationer looked at me with sad eyes.

"Are you not going to buy an ink cartridge for your printer?"
"No thanks, I'm going easy on the printing at the moment," I said, trying not to look him in the eye.
He sighed. "Oh," then did a sad thing with his eyes – made them big and a bit watery like a lonely puppy – and at that moment I nearly caved in. He then stepped aside so I could see all the great stuff he had behind the counter – pens, CDs, staplers, caligraphy sets, calculators, filing systems. I got very excited but managed to take the receipt and escape from the shop with just my Jiffy bag. 

Maybe I have started to beat my addiction.